Sunday, March 21, 2021

Mothers Sketch


Mothers Sketch 

I loved a photo of our mother and grandmother standing with children tucked close to their skirts. The sketch came quickly one day in the studio, but I like it's suppleness.

I am currently studying Family History with the intention of bringing a visual story to an object or family photograph. I love the intimate connection we have with the moment we open an old family photo album.
I often send an old photo to my sisters, it is such a flood of love in a single moment on a busy day.

This mothers day I am having a virtual market on my website. I have been preparing some little gifts that might give a feeling of taking a stroll along the beach with your Mum.

Join me on or before the 24th April 
Mothers Day Virtual Market

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Adrift Studio Store

 Adrift Studio Store

Adrift at our Home Studio in
Margaret River

Recycling and reusing has been something we have done ever since we built our first home over 35 years ago. Being in the construction industry our homes had almost everything recycled from floors to windows and architraves. Our little house in Margaret River is reminiscent of the original "Margies" fibro house, with an update and a lovely garden.

Gifts, Shells 
and Artworks 

Adrift with a nautilus shell sketch on paper
A small selection of handmade gifts are created in the studio. Only small batches available for corporate and events.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Adrift @ Oar

 I have been in love with a space at @oar 

The Old Auction Room in Albany, Western Australia

I could not resist taking up an opportunity to use a space in the building to place my art on the walls for a couple of weeks. The vintage finds are a treasure trove and a great place to visit weather you live in Albany or are visiting.

When we have visited Albany we have usually come home with something from the store. The most recent acquisition was a hand made old canvas kayak.

My husband has a thing about kayaks, he has a beautiful skin on frame kayak he made at the Tasmanian Wooden Boat School. There is another ply design being made in the workshop. So we decided to combine my art with his kayaks when we participated in the use of the space at Oar.

The Artist and Carpenter

Adrift @ Oar

My Art and handmade gifts are made in our studio in Margaret River.

The Artist and The Carpenter have a few projects we are getting stuck into 

My husband also makes handmade wooden doors. 

Find me


Adrift during Covid

 A Pelican emerged during covid. It all started with a day in January with my Grandson.

My husband had helped him make a little wooden boat in the workshop.

We spent a beautiful day on the river and he played and imagined for most of the day. This was pre-covid.

When we were unable to see each other I spent a lot of time thinking of this beautiful memory.

I decided to draw a sketch of him and I put a pelican in the boat.

I then had a dream of watching Pelicans close up and walking along the Rivers edge.

When we were allowed to get out and about again, I spent a lot of time taking photos of Pelicans. 

Along came a painting full of immense connection and I absolutely love the result.

You can see more of my pelican

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Art UpMarket

Art UpMarket 


Art Upmarket connecting WA artists with art lovers and enthusiasts. 

Date: 19th October 2019

Time: 10am-4pm

Venue: The University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall (I am upstairs)



 Find the event on Facebook @artupmarket


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Adrift Studio - pop up shop

Adrift Studio

Popping up in a lovely country town

Adrift studio set up a small pop up shop in the lovely town of Nannup, which is just under an hour from Margaret River. The flower and garden festival is an annual event for the town, and they are dressed to impress with beautiful flowers adorning the streets, market stalls and open gardens.

This was an opportunity to meet new friends, share a shop space and display both artworks and lovely handmade wooden works, which were produced in our little workshop.

Framed prints looked especially good when hung, which added some exciting colour to the space. 
Our prints are produced by Fitzgeralds at the Prolab in Perth. 
Prints can be custom ordered. 

The perfect gift for the beach house is handmade in our Margaret River workshop. These lovely shelves can be used both indoors or outdoors. Each shelf is different, as they use recycled timber and driftwood. We give them just a tiny bit of paint, so they keep their appeal. 

Contact Carmen at Adrift Studio
facebook/insta  @carmengriffencreative

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Margaret River Studio Update

Adrift Studio

Art Inspired by a love of the Ocean

I am often between two shores, both the South West Coast of WA 
and the Far North of Queensland.
It felt right to name my new website the "Adrift Studio"

It has been a busy year. I was in Cairns for the wet season at the beginning of the year. Celebrating the arrival of our new grandson and spending time with family. The season certainly held up to it's name, it was wet wet wet. Inside spare time was spent creating a couple of artworks, one is my crab, the other was an artwork for this years Cossack Exhibition.

During late April early May The Margaret River Open Studio Event was the highlight..
Nothing like having a tidy up of the art studio and garden to present to the flurry of art visitors to the region. I received lots of lovely comments about my artwork. There were some guests who spent lots of time admiring our little cottage and garden as well as the art. 
I added to the marine theme of my artworks, with some outside elements of driftwood artwork and my husband made a fantastic port hole  door for his workshop, which looked great with a painting beside it. So a lot more effort into styling the whole place to create an interesting visit for all our guests.

Evans and Tate Art Studio

I have recently taken up an opportunity at the Evans and Tate Winery Art Studio.
The original cellar door building houses a working art studio. The space is currently shared by four artists. I am honored to be a part of this group of artists. The studio has a lovely look and feel, you have the added bonus of the Winery Cellar Door, named a five star winery in James Halliday's Wine Companion.
The bonus of art and wine has benefits, add a lovely setting in the Margaret River Region and you have a nice outing on a Sunday afternoon. 

I will sign off for today, and there is lots more to catch up on, talk again soon
Happy Sailing,