Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Adrift Studio - pop up shop

Adrift Studio

Popping up in a lovely country town

Adrift studio set up a small pop up shop in the lovely town of Nannup, which is just under an hour from Margaret River. The flower and garden festival is an annual event for the town, and they are dressed to impress with beautiful flowers adorning the streets, market stalls and open gardens.

This was an opportunity to meet new friends, share a shop space and display both artworks and lovely handmade wooden works, which were produced in our little workshop.

Framed prints looked especially good when hung, which added some exciting colour to the space. 
Our prints are produced by Fitzgeralds at the Prolab in Perth. 
Prints can be custom ordered. 

The perfect gift for the beach house is handmade in our Margaret River workshop. These lovely shelves can be used both indoors or outdoors. Each shelf is different, as they use recycled timber and driftwood. We give them just a tiny bit of paint, so they keep their appeal. 

Contact Carmen at Adrift Studio
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